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Documents I Notarize

Loan Signings
In-Jail Notarizations
  • Power of Attorney

  • Acknowledgements

  • I-9 Form

  • Affidavits

  • Oaths/Affirmations

  • Copy Certification

  • Parental Consent

  • Passport to a Child/Consent

  • Financial and banking

  • Healthcare Directive

  • Signature Witnessing 

  • Note a Protest 

  • Divorce Documents

  • Refi

  • Sale

  • Loan Modification


  • Reverse Application

  • Commercial Sale

  • Commercial Purchase

  • Temporary Custody of Minors 

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Vehicle Release 

  • Loan and Real Estate Documents

  • Learn more about In-Jail Notarizations here.

Notarial Certificate Info

Acknowledgements and Oaths & Affirmations are the two most common notarial certificates. 

Oaths and Affirmations- Used when the signer is swearing to the validity of a document and requires a notary to administer an oath or affirmation to the signer.


Acknowledgement- Used to verify the identity of a signer and confirm that they are the person who signed the document.


Please Note: A notary is legally prohibited from telling a signer what certificate they should get. When you contact me please let me know what you need. I am looking forwarding to serving you. 

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