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In Jail Notarizations

Serving all jails in Luzerne County

The most common documents that may need to be notarized in a jail or detention center include but are not limited to:

  • Temporary Custody of Minors

  • Power of Attorney

  • Vehicle Release

  • Loan and Real Estate Documents


Signing documents with an incarcerated signer can be complicated but with the right Notary it can be handled with grace and competence. Below are my guidelines for scheduling a jail or detention center signing.


  • Schedule with 48 hours’ notice

  • Payment is due upon arrival prior to signing

  • If the inmate refuses to sign or if a situation in the detention center prevents me from obtaining the signature, I will refund a portion of the fee. 

  • All documents that need to be notarized must be completed in their entirety without signatures before my arrival.


No matter what the complication, I am here for you to make this process easier. 



  • $150.00 for weekday Signings

  • $200.00 for weekend Signings

  • Payment due before or at the time of my arrival via cash, credit

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